Circuit Cellar 401 December 2023 (PDF)

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Issue #401

December 2023

Embedded Systems in Transportation

4: How to Program an ESP32: Using VS Code and ESP-IDF, Pedro Bertoleti

10: The Helix 511: A Review of OnLogic’s New Fanless Industrial Computer, By Brian Millier

20: A Modern Take on a Classic Game: Using an RP2040 Chip, GPS, Music, and More, By Deemo Chen and Sabian Grier

26: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Embedded Systems in Transportation, By Michael Lynes

32: DATASHEET: Tiny Embedded Boards: Feature-Rich and Ultra-Small, By Sam Wallace

36: START TO FINISH: Stepper Motors: A Primer for When You Need Precise Positioning, By Stuart Ball

42: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Eliciting Software Requirements for Embedded Systems: Part 1: Conventional Methods, By Bob Japenga

46: THE MAGIC SMOKE FACTORY: A Digitally Controlled Voltage Source, By Joseph Corleto

53: FROM THE BENCH: An Association Game for Pre-Readers: STEM or Toy?, By Jeff Bachiochi

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of ML in Edge Equipment: Machine Learning Eases Power Requirements for Edge and IoT Devices, By Brian Santo


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