Circuit Cellar 398 September 2023 (PDF)

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Issue #398

September 2023

MCU Development Tools

4: Controller for a Cifra 5 (Digit5) Flip Clock: Using a PIC16F84A MCU, an L293D Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver, and a DS3231 Real-Time Clock, By Carlo Tauraso

13: The Lego Hat: Built with a Raspberry Pi Zero and Lots of Glue, By Chris Cantrell

18: Real-Time Automatic Music Transcriber: Using a Raspberry Pi RP2040, By Chris Schiff, Jacob Lashin, and Romano Tio

24: A Versatile Assistive Technology Interface, By Matthew Oppenheim and Steve Hodges

30: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: MCU Development Tools, By Michael Lynes

36: DATASHEET: Power/Battery Management ICs: A Wide Array of Solutions for Your Embedded System, By Sam Wallace

40: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: InPlay’s NanoBeacon: An Ultra-Low Power BLE Beacon That Needs Almost No Programming Effort, By Brian Millier

52: FROM THE BENCH: Local Isolation: Using the Sun’s Energy, By Jeff Bachiochi

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Design Flexibility: Five Ways to Make Your Designs Future-Ready, By James Jaksich and Camron Chilton


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