Circuit Cellar 394 May 2023 (PDF)

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Issue #394
May 2023
Wearable Devices / Wearables

4: Device Trees in Embedded Linux: Using an External LED on a PocketBeagle as an Example, By Pedro Bertoleti

10: Let’s Understand Ground Stitching Vias, By Robert Lacoste

16: AWS for IoT Projects: Getting Started, By Dhairya Parikh

23: TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: Wearable Devices: A Brave New World, By Michael Lynes

28: DATASHEET: IoT Boards and Modules: Connect to the Internet of (All of the) Things, By Sam Wallace

32: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Fault Injection and Power Analysis: Part of Your Appliance Repair Toolkit?, By Colin O'Flynn

38: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: A Lock-In Amplifier: Based on a PSoC5LP SoC, By Brian Millier

48: FROM THE BENCH: Blood Pressure Record Keeping: Building an ESP32-to-Raspberry Pi Bridge, By Jeff Bachiochi

63: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Experience Driving: Smart Digital Cockpits—Enabled, By Miao Luo

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