Circuit Cellar 389 December 2022 (PDF)

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Issue #388
November 2022

6: Detecting and Reporting Illegal Logging: Using an Arduino MKR FOX 1200 Microcontroller, By Andrei Florian

18: Environmental Monitoring with a Raspberry Pi Pico W: Using MicroPython and Cloud Services, By Miguel Sánchez

24: Rebuild Ni-Cd Battery Packs for Power Tools: When the Battery No Longer Holds a Charge, Just Replace the Cells, By James Lyman

32: Build a Speech-Controlled, Sudoku-Solving Robot: Using a Raspberry Pi Microprocessor and Camera, By Arijit Das

42: Overcome the Automation “Flexibility Gap”: A Software-Based AI Approach to Robot Control, By Matt Jones

45: IoT and Smart Agriculture: Continuing the Green Revolution, By KC Prescott

50: Datasheet: DC-DC Converters: Industry Specific Solutions, By Sam Wallace

54: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: Exploring RSA Power Analysis (Again): Capturing an RSA-1024 Power Trace in One Shot, By Colin O'Flynn

58: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: The Teensy Audio Station: Part 2 — The Digital Circuitry, By Brian Millier

65: From the Bench: Rainbow LEDs: Comparing Options, By Jeff Bachiochi

78: Test Your EQ

79: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Asset Tracking: Improving Supply Chain Reliability with IoT Tracking, By Karthik Ranjan

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