Circuit Cellar 384 July 2022 (PDF)

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Issue #384
July 2022
PCB Design

  • 6: Searching for Gold with X-Rays: Using a Common PIN Photodiode, By George R. Steber

  • 14: Designing and Building a PIC32 Video Game: Sharks and Minnows Multiplayer Game, By Tyler Bisk and Chidera Wokonko

  • 20: Asynchronous High-Bandwidth, Low-Latency Communication: CPU-Intensive Devices, By Joseph Whelan, Akugbe Imudia, and Devlin Babcock

  • 28: Sunrise Alarm Clock: Wake Up with a Natural Sunrise Simulation, By Jonathan Pfeifer

  • 34: A Comprehensive Introduction of TinyML (Part 1): Control RGB LED Using Voice Commands, By Dhairya Parikh 

  • 40: PCB Design Tool Trends: Designing Circuit Board Blueprints, By Al Mahmud Al Mamun

  • 46: Wireless Connectivity Choices: Efficient and Scalable Approaches to Connecting Embedded Systems, By Al Mahmud Al Mamun

  • 50: DATASHEET Embedded PCs: Handling Demanding Conditions, By Al Mahmud Al Mamun

  • 54: Picking Up Mixed Signals: Building a Touchscreen Display (Part 2): Using the Bridgetek BT81x Controller Family, By Brian Millier

  • 64: Embedded System Essentials: Revisiting Code Readout Protection Claims, By Colin O’Flynn

  • 69: From the Bench: Heart Monitoring from Home: A Personal EKG Device and Heart Monitor, By Jeff Bachiochi 

  • 76: Product News

  • 78: Test Your EQ

  • 79: TECH THE FUTURE: The Future of Climate Change: Tackling Climate Change With Satellite IoT, By Laurent Vieira de Mello

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