Circuit Cellar 381 April 2022 (PDF)

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Issue #381
April 2022
Drone Development Kits

  • 6: Getting Started with RTOSes: RTOS on an MCU, By Stuart Ball

  • 12: Capacitive Touch Keyboard for Synthesizers: The LMS101 Project, By Liam Brinston, Michael Brown and Silas Jantzen

  • 20: Antique Clock Accuracy Project: Reloaded: PSoC4 MCU Back in Action, By Aubrey Kagan

  • 28: Build a Long-Term DAQ System (Part 2): The Software Design, By Anuj Justus

  • 40: Drone Development Kits Add Intelligence, Features: Skyward Solutions, By Jeff Child

  • 46: Raspberry Pi Add-On Ecosystem Grows: RPi HAT Roundup, By Jeff Child

  • 52: DATASHEET: 32-bit Microcontrollers: Embedded Workhorse, By Jeff Child

  • 55: THE DARKER SIDE: The Darker Side: The 100th!: 15 Years, Fearless and Fun, By Robert Lacoste

  • 60: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Debugging Embedded: Real-Time Systems (Part 1): The Bugs, By Bob Japenga

  • 66: FROM THE BENCH: Using I2S to Transfer Digital Data (Part 2): The Output Side, By Jeff Bachiochi 

  • 74: Product News

  • 78: Test Your EQ

  • 79: The Future of Real-Time in Databases: Embedded Databases in Real-Time Systems, By Steve Graves

Circuit Cellar is a monthly magazine (available in print and digital) covering the topics of embedded hardware, embedded software, electrical engineering, and computer applications. More information available at

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