Circuit Cellar 362 September 2020 (PDF)

Circuit Cellar 362 September 2020 (PDF)

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Issue #362
September 2020

Technology for Robotics 

  • 6: Machine Vision Random Number Generator: Using the Raspberry Pi,
    By Devlin Gualtieri
  • 16: Write an Object Tracking Drone Application: Using OpenCV, MAVSDK and PX4, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico
  • 26: Forearm-Controlled Robotic Hand: Sensors and Servos, By Cassandra Scarpa and Caeli MacLennan
  • 34: Frequency Independent Phase Shifter: Precise Solution, By Nishant Mittal
  • 38: Build a Music Composition Assistant: PIC32-Based PICcompose,
    By Tara van Nieuwstadt and Laasya Renganathan
  • 42: Embedded Solutions Step Up for Robotics Duties: Systems, Boards and Chips, By Jeff Child
  • 49: Rugged SBCs Bulk Up for Harsh Environment Work: Toughness Trending,
    By Jeff Child
  • 55: DATASHEET: Application-Specific MCUs: Focused Feature Sets, By Jeff Child
  • 58: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ESSENTIALS: IC Packaging and Physical Security:
    Do They Affect One Another?, By Colin O’Flynn
  • 62: PICKING UP MIXED SIGNALS: Customer Counter Uses ESP32 MCU:
    A COVID-19 Era Tool, By Brian Millier
  • 70: FROM THE BENCH: Dusting Off the Vinyl: Wireless-Connected Turntable,
    By Jeff Bachiochi
  • 76: Product News
  • 78: Test Your EQ
  • 79: The Future of Workplace Productivity: Low-Power IoT Networking Solves Smart Building Challenges, By Byron BeMiller

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