audioXpress October 2023 PDF

audioXpress October 2023 PDF

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Volume 54
Issue 10
October 2023

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK— Speaker Innovation Happening Every Day, by J. Martins, p. 4

  • Getting to Know Dutch & Dutch, by Jan Didden, p. 8

  • Measuring Loudspeaker SPL Response and Harmonic Distortion at Low Frequencies, by Reinhold Lutz, p. 16

  • The AudioChiemgau ModeCompensator: A Quick Basic Test, by Rens Tellers and Jan Didden, p. 20

  • SOUND CONTROL—Passive Variable Acoustics: The Elusive Optimal Reverberation Time, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 22

  • Build the Popping Ps Filter, by Ethan Winer, p. 28

  • The Bitches Brew Open Baffle Live Edge Speakers, by Perry Marshall, p. 34

  • Building a Minimally Baffled Dipole Loudspeaker: Part 2 — Measuring the Drivers and Developing the Crossover, by Charlie Laub, p. 42

  • Power Transformer Parameters, Selection, and Testing: Part 12 — Additional MFE Testing, by Chuck Hansen, p. 50

  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—The Western Electric 91E Amplifier, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 60

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