audioXpress August 2016

audioXpress August 2016
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  • Manufacturer: audioXpress

Volume 47
Issue 8
August 2016


FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Acoustics in Focus, by João Martins, p. 4

Room Correction Revisited (Part 2): Using EQ to Adjust the Way We Hear Sound, by Ron Tipton, p. 8

The Munich High End Show 2016: The Calm Before the Storm?, by Ward Maas, p. 12

Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx_console: A Different Kind of Channel Strip, by Fernando Rodrigues, p. 20

What’s News in Acoustical Treatment Solutions, by João Martins, p. 26

Artnovion: Performance for Unlimited Design Solutions, by Oliver Masciarotte, p. 42

Eliminating Room Reflections inWoofer Measurements (Part 1): Basic Concepts Using Ideal Waveforms, by Richard K. Mains, p. 46

Bass Trap Myths, by Ethan Winer, p. 52

SOUND CONTROL—Small-Room Acoustics, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 58


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