audioXpress August 2015

audioXpress August 2015
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Volume 46
Issue 8
August 2015

FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—The Promise of Better Audio Experiences, by João Martins, p. 4

Exploring Vanderveen Trans Tube Amplifiers, by Bill Reeve, p. 8

HEADSETS—In-Ear Monitor Design Challenges: An Introduction, by Mike Klasco and Steve Tatarunis, p. 10

PRACTICAL T&M—Sound Cards for Data Acquisition in Audio Measurements (Part 3): Selecting the Right Hardware, by Stuart Yaniger, p. 14

Enhanced Stereo (Part 2): Exploring Enhanced Stereo Solutions, by Ron Tipton, p. 20

Munich High End Show 2015: Looking for the Great Product Designs, by Ward Maas, p. 24

STANDARDS REVIEW—Considerations for the MPEG-H Audio Standard, by João Martins, p. 29

Delivering Multi-Platform Immersive Audio with the New MPEG-H Audio Standard, by Robert Bleidt, p. 30

SOUND CONTROL—The EASERA Electro-Acoustical Measurement Platform, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 38

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS—DIYer Takes Project to the Professional Level: An Interview with Kvart & Bølge Founder Bjørn Johannesen, by Shannon Becker, p. 44

The Right Filter (Part 3): Phase Corrector 2 Brings Us Closer to the Ideal Crossover, by Vincent Thiernesse, p. 50

HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Troubleshooting Hollow-State Equipment, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 60

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