audioXpress 2016 - Digital Archive Subscription

audioXpress 2016 - Digital Archive Subscription
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The audioXpress 2016 Digital Archive Subscription* is your portal to all the audioXpress 2016 content.

With this digital subscription, you have access to all 12 issues of audioXpress from any computer or table at anytime. Readers can explore project ideas, bookmark pages, and make annotations throughout each issue.

*Subscription is good for one full year.

January 2016


  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Standards and Convergence, by João Martins, p. 4
  • The Personalities Behind The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design, Review by Scott Dorsey, p. 8
  • Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015: Different, Upbeat, Younger High-End Audio, by Oliver Masciarotte, p. 10
  • PRACTICAL T&M—The iSEMic 725TR Measurement and Recording Microphone, by Stuart Yaniger, p. 22
  • STANDARDS REVIEW—Audio Network Development (Part 2): Fundamentals of Audio Networking, by João Martins, p. 28
  • SOUND CONTROL—Performing SPL Measurements, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 36
  • QUESTIONS & ANSWERS—Inspiring Creativity with Hand-Built Microphones: An Interview with Philip Graham, Founder of Ear TrumpetLabs, by Shannon Becker, p. 42
  • Build an Inexpensive Guitar Practice Amplifier, by Bruce Brown, p. 46
  • The False Center Box, by Scott Dorsey, p. 50
  • Revisiting “The Remaking of a Champ,” by Mark Driedger, p. 54
  • A Switching Power Supply for Tube Amplifier Applications, by Peter Delos, p. 60


February 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Where is Audio Technology Heading, by João Martins, p. 4
  • Eighteen Sound: The Younger Face of Italian Speaker Tradition, by João Martins, p. 8
  • Immersive Sound (Part 2): Experiments with Dolby Atmos, by Ron Tipton, p. 16
  • STANDARDS REVIEW—Audio Network Development (Part 3): Developing Products Based on Dante, by João Martins, p. 22
  • SOUND CONTROL—Measuring Reverberation Time (RT), by Richard Honeycutt, p. 30
  • QUESTIONS & ANSWERS—Recreating the Fairchild Legends: An Interview with Simon Saywood, CEO Analoguetube, by ShannonBecker, p. 35
  • Three-Way Loudspeakers with Active Crossovers, by Ron Tipton, p. 40
  • Willow Revisited: A Design Celebrating the Enthusiasm and the Creativity of the Builder, by Robert Nance Dee, p. 48
  • The Correct Use of Rectifier Tubes, by Gerhard Haas, p. 55
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Testing Tubes, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 62

March 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—A Bridge to Better Audio?, by João Martins, p. 4
  • Playing with Room Correction, by Ron Tipton, p. 8
  • One Model to Rule Them All: A Unified Model for Grid-Excited, Single-Triode Circuits, by Christopher Paul, p. 14
  • SOUND CONTROL—Calculate Reverberation Time Using Statistical Methods, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 24
  • Testing Headphones and Earphones: The G.R.A.S. 43BB Low-Noise Ear Simulator, by Mike Klasco, p. 30
  • I Can Hear It? Why Can’t I Measure It?, by Dan Foley, p. 38
  • The Virtins Multi-Instrument Software, by Stuart Yaniger, p. 42
  • QUESTIONS & ANSWERS—NTi Devines New Technologies in Audio: An Interview with Philipp Schwizer, CEO of NTi Audio, by ShannonBecker, p. 50
  • Build an Audio Headroom Meter, by James B. Wood, p. 54
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Amplitrex AT1000 Tube Tester, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 62

April 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Saying and Doing It, by João Martins, p. 4
  • Higher Order Ambisonics (Part 1): Immersive Applications, by Ron Tipton, p. 8
  • STANDARDS REVIEW—Audio Network Development (Part 4): Devloping Products Based on RAVENNA, by João Martins, p. 14
  • SOUND CONTROL—Deciding Where to Put Acoustical Absorption, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 20
  • iSEMcon EMX-7150 Measurement Microphone, by Bennett Prescott, p. 26
  • Performance Analysis with FFT Software, by David Soffer, p. 30
  • TERESA de Luxe: Without Doubt, a Jaunted Sound Experience, by Harald Frank, p 41
  • MiniDSP Stereo System: Kits Save Time and Streamline the Workload, by Claude Goeuriot, p. 50
  • A 3.1 Channel System, by Bill Christie, p. 58
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—SPICE Analysis of Hollow-State Circuits, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 62

May 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—From Glass to Bits, by João Martins, p. 4
  • Higher Order Ambisonics (Part 2): Another Immersive Format, by Ron Tipton, p. 8
  • STANDARDS REVIEW—Audio Network Development (Part 5): Developing Products Featuring AES67 Network Connectivity, by JoãoMartins, p. 14
  • UVI Falcon: Discovering a Creative Hybrid Musical Instrument, by Fernando Rodrigues, p. 24
  • An Octal Triode Line Stage Preamplifier, by James Lin, p. 32
  • A Silk Purse: Revamping Old Organ Tube Amplifiers, by Bruce Brown, p. 40.
  • The Beast Matcher: A Matching and Burn-In Device for Power Tubes, by Bruce Heran, p. 48
  • Universal Tube Power Amplifier System, by Gerhard Haas, p. 52
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Impedance Matching in Hollow-State Circuits and Equipment, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 62

June 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Why MQA Matters, by João Martins, p. 4
  • CanJam SoCal 2016: Checking Out the Premium Headphone Market, by Rob Baum, p. 8
  • STANDARDS REVIEW—Master Quality Authenticated (MQA): Redefining the Source for Music, by João Martins, p. 16
  • SOUND CONTROL—The Difficult and the Impossible in Acoustics, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 28
  • QUESTIONS & ANSWERES—Eminence Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence: An Interview with Rob Gault, by Shannon Becker, p. 32
  • Wireworld: Making Experiential Observations Count, by Oliver Masciarotte, p. 40
  • Dayton Audio OmniMic V2, by Stuart Yaniger, p. 44
  • An Ecological Power Supply for Power Amplifiers, by Vincent Thiernesse, p. 52
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Meet Electro-Harmonix, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 60

July 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—From Assembly Lines to Shows, by João Martins, p. 4
  • Room Correction Revisited (Part 1): Decreasing Reflected Sound and Increasing Absorption, by Ron Tipton, p. 8
  • The Exciting Sounds of Audio Expo North America (AXPONA) 2016, by Oliver Masciarotte, p. 14
  • KanexPro HAECOAX HDMI Audio De-Embedder, by Gary Galo, p. 22
  • Testing Dante-Enabled Devices, by Gus Noelcke, p. 26
  • SOUND CONTROL—Deaf Designers and Blind Acousticians—Tales from the Trenches, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 31
  • FACTORY TOUR—Sinar Baja Electric and SB Acoustics: Too Big to Be Kept a Secret, by João Martins, p. 34
  • Use Brüel & Kjær Instrumentation Microphones for Recording, by Scott Dorsey, p. 46
  • The D70 Stereo Tube Amplifier, by Mark Driedger, p. 52
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Compare Guitar Amplifier Input Stages Using LT-SPICE, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 60

August 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Acoustics in Focus, by João Martins, p. 4
  • Room Correction Revisited (Part 2): Using EQ to Adjust the Way We Hear Sound, by Ron Tipton, p. 8
  • The Munich High End Show 2016: The Calm Before the Storm?, by Ward Maas, p. 12
  • Plugin Alliance Brainworx bx_console: A Different Kind of Channel Strip, by Fernando Rodrigues, p. 20
  • What’s News in Acoustical Treatment Solutions, by João Martins, p. 26
  • Artnovion: Performance for Unlimited Design Solutions, by Oliver Masciarotte, p. 42
  • Eliminating Room Reflections inWoofer Measurements (Part 1): Basic Concepts Using Ideal Waveforms, by Richard K. Mains, p. 46
  • Bass Trap Myths, by Ethan Winer, p. 52
  • SOUND CONTROL—Small-Room Acoustics, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 58

September 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Impressive Speaker Designs, by João Martins, p. 4
  • Room Correction Revisited (Part 3): Serious Tools for Room Correction, by Ron Tipton, p. 8
  • SOUND CONTROL—Your Ultimate Sound-Measuring Instrument, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 14
  • Evolution of Compact Deep Bass Subwoofers, by Mike Klasco, p. 18
  • A Loudspeaker Quest: An Unexpected Journey, by Ward Maas, p. 24
  • The PVC Bipolar Duo, by Ken Bird, p. 30
  • The DSP Assisted Reflex System, by Perry Marshall, p. 36
  • Eliminating Room Reflections in Woofer Measurements (Part 2): Applying the Techniques, by Richard K. Mains, p. 48
  • QUESTIONS & ANSWERS—Life in a Speaker Workshop: An Interview with David MacPherson, Owner of Studio Electric, by ShannonBecker, p. 54
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Output Transformers for Hollow-State Amplifiers: Design Parameters, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 60

October 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Augmented Audio Reality, by João Martins, p. 4
  • Room Correction Revisited (Part 4): Audiolense 4.13, by Ron Tipton, p. 8
  • SOUND CONTROL—The Electroacoustical/Acoustical Interface, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 14
  • 2016 Midwest Audiofest, by Thomas Perazella, p. 18
  • Bricasti Design M1 Dual Mono D/A Converter: Deluxe Limited Edtition, by Gary Galo, p. 26
  • XiVero MusicScope, by Oliver Masciarotte, p. 36
  • Reggie-Phil: A Regulated Filament Supply, by Christopher Paul, p. 42
  • QUESTIONS & ANSWERS—Creating a Business from Modding and DIY Kit Microphones: An Interview with Matthew Glynn, Owner, by Shannon Becker, p. 54
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Negative Feedback in Hollow-State Amplifiers: Its Designs and Effects, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 58

November 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Digital Signal Processing, by João Martins, p. 4
  • Room Correction Revisited (Part 5): Dirac Live, by Ron Tipton, p. 8
  • Inside Parts Express, by Thomas Perazella, p. 14
  • They Vinyl Frontier, by Neville Roberts, p. 18
  • KEMET’s Electrolytic Capacitors: The PEG124 Series, by Scott Dorsey, p. 26
  • SOUND CONTROL—Speaker Placement in Rooms, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 32
  • Fairchild 275 Restoration, by Bruce Brown, p. 38
  • Build a Radio Receiver with a Ceramic Filter, by Raj Gorkhali, p. 44
  • QUESTIONS & ANSWERS—Making Acoustics a Priority: An Interview with Dennis Foley of Acoustic Fields, by Shannon Becker, p. 50
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Balanced Hollow-State Circuits and Hum, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 60

December 2016

  • FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK—Yes…It’s Complicated, by João Martins, p. 4
  • Experience Disk Recording 1930 to 1960, by James Wood, p. 8
  • Room Correction Revisited (Part 6): miniDSP DDRC-24, by Ron Tipton, p. 10
  • STANDARDS REVIEW—USB 3.1, USB Type-C, and Thunderbolt 3 (Part 1): An Introduction to the Latest Interfaces, by João Martins,p. 16
  • SOUND CONTROL—A Complementarity Principle in Acoustics, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 26
  • Innovative Measurement Microphones from PCB Piezotronics, by Stuart Yaniger, p. 32
  • Mytek Digital Brooklyn DAC Preamplifier and Headphone Amplifier: Born in New York, by Oliver A. Masciarotte, p. 40
  • Retro-Style High-Fidelity Preamplifier, by Bill Christie, p. 46
  • Optocouplers in a MOSFET Power Amplifier Design, by Richard K. Mains, p. 52
  • HOLLOW-STATE ELECTRONICS—Tremolo Circuits in Guitar Amplifiers, by Richard Honeycutt, p. 60

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