Loudspeakers: The Why and How of Good Reproduction

Loudspeakers: The Why and How of Good Reproduction
  • Item #: AA-BKAA005
  • Manufacturer: G. A. Briggs
This easy-to-read and concise introduction to audio basics is something of a classic. Out-of-print for many years (last revised in 1949), the text forms a comprehensive summary of early audio technology with an emphasis on loudspeaker characteristics. Briggs simply and clearly explains impedance, phons and decibels, frequency response, response curves, volume and watts, resonance and vibration, cabinets and baffles, horns, room acoustics, transients, crossovers, negative feedback, transformers, doppler and phase effects, and efficiency. Briggs has a light, breezy style, and a gift for simply explaining difficult concepts. CONTENTS Quality of Reproduction and Distortion; Development of Loudspeakers; Magnets; Chassis or Cone Housing; Cones; Centring Devices; Impedance; Phons and Decibels; Frequency Response; Response Curves; Volume and Watts; Resonance and Vibration; Cabinets and Baffles; Extension Speakers and Volume Controls; Cinema Speakers; Room Acoustics; Transients; Crossover Networks; Negative Feedback; Transformers and Matching; Comparing Performance; Loudspeaker Life; Doppler Effect; Phase Effects; Loudspeaker Efficiency
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