Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook 2017

Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook 2017
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The 2017 Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook is the most comprehensive collection of listings on loudspeaker materials ever assembled. Designed to help engineers, designers, purchasing managers, and key executives locate the resources that are essential to loudspeaker manufacturing operations; this directory keeps you informed about the latest developments in the industry while connecting you with the companies making it happen. The annual issue’s 180 pages include: 

Industry Reports

  • Audio Finds Its Voice: Jack Wetherill, Futuresource Consulting
  • Quality Audio Can Exits: Key is the Signal Path: Dan Foley, President, ALMA International

Industry Features

  • Advanced Distortion Analysis Methods: Dan Foley, Audio Precision
  • The Infinite Baffle: Christian Bellmann, Klippel GmbH
  • Chasing the Elusive "Good Sound" Meter for Loudspeakers, Tim Gladwin, Harman International
  • EOL Testing of Acoustic Devices: A Truly Multidisciplinary Task: Gregor Schmidle, NTi Audio
  • Benchmarking Viscolelastic Models for Loudspeakers: Claus Futtrup, SEAS Fabrikker AS
  • GrapheneQ: Graphene Composites for Improved Sound Quality and Increased Efficiency in Portable Devices: Robert-Eric Gaskell,
    ORA Sound
  • In-Vehicle Loudspeaker Measurements and Distortion Audibility: Zarina Bhimani, Listen, Inc.
  • The Voice Control Analysis System Known as VoCAS


  • Vance Dickason, Vance Dickason Consulting
  • Dan Digre, MISCO
  • Jakob Agren, Dirac
  • Andrew Bellavia, Knowles Electronics
  • Michael Carnes, Exponential Audio
  • Zoltan Bay, BAYZ Audio
  • Jonathan Novick, Avermetrics
  • Jade Wu, Linkplay
  • Peter Larsen, LOUDSOFT, Ltd.
  • Mark Valentino, PCB Piezotronics, Inc.
  • Kent Peterson, Warkwyn
  • Mike Klasco, Menlo Scientific, Ltd.

Vendor Categories

  • ALMA Members
  • Acoustic Solutions
  • Amp, DSP, Network, and Wireless Modules
  • Audio Engineers
  • Audio Experts
  • Cables & Connectors
  • Earphones & Headphones
  • Enclosures & Cabinets
  • Enclosure Parts
  • Engineering Software
  • Finished Systems (OEM/ODM) 
  • Integrated Audio
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Measurement Microphones
  • Mic Capsules
  • Microspeakers
  • OEM Speaker Assembly
  • OEM Speakers & Drivers
  • Passive Components/Crossovers/Wiring
  • Speakers Parts
  • Test Equipment 

Whether you’re looking for design software, manufacturing equipment, test and measurement equipment, drivers, micro speakers, microphones, enclosures, or voice coils, the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook has you covered. Get it today!

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