Bullock on Boxes

Bullock on Boxes
  • Item #: AA-BKAA008
  • Manufacturer: Robert Bullock III

Written by Robert M. Bullock and Robert White, this is an easy-to-read guide to designing and building vented-box systems based on Thiele/Small models. Also included in the book is a reprint of the Speaker Builder 1/82 article by Dr. Bullock on sixth-order alignments. Index, glossary, bibliography, and over 100 illustrations.

CONTENTS CHAPTER 1. Thiele, Small, and Vented Loudspeaker Design;

CHAPTER 2. Determining Design Parameters for Your Loudspeaker;

CHAPTER 3. Fine Points of Vented Speaker Design;

CHAPTER 4. Alternative Alignments;

CHAPTER 5. T/S Calculator Programs;


CHAPTER 7. Realizing BOXRESPONSE's Potential;

CHAPTER 8. BOXMODEL: An Aid to Woofer System Design;

CHAPTER 9. Thiele, Small, and Vented Loudspeaker Design Part V: Sixth Order Alignments;

CHAPTER 10. Correspondence and Updates

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